Book a free consultation at Behaviors and get a free guide, “Are You Concerned With Your Child’s Social Development?”

At Behaviors, we give your child the foundation he or she needs to thrive in this world, even when you’re not there.

Book a free consultation at Behaviors and get a free guide, “Are You Concerned With Your Child’s Social Development?”

At Behaviors, we give your child the foundation he or she needs to thrive in this world, even when you’re not there.

Prepare your child for a life well-lived, even when you’re not there to help.

Behaviors isn’t just a behavioral health agency. We’re a fully committed team of professionals devoted to helping your child live his or her best life with a variety of programs and techniques included with your ABA therapy. It’s important to realize the sooner you start therapy, the better your child’s outcome. That’s why we’re helping children just like yours learn to thrive and succeed in a variety of environments and situations.

We cater to all ages, from babies to children approaching adulthood.

We accept all major insurance providers.

Your child gets more than 1-to-1 therapy; we offer education enrichment and summer camps as well.

Behavioral therapy is available in your home and around NYC.

We provide everything your child needs to learn valuable social and life skills.

We offer gap programs to help your child transition from school to summer activities

Our trained professionals help your child succeed in all environments: at home, school, and in the community.

Behaviors comprises a full team of ABA therapists, BCBA, and paraprofessional experts passionate about helping children with autism spectrum disorder.

Our priority is giving your child what they need to grow and thrive

We base our care on providing 1-to-1 ABA therapy in your home because children should flourish in their homes first. We help you construct a comfortable, accepting environment and work with your entire family to overcome and conquer difficulties that arise. We help you, your child, and your family reach your full potential and develop lifelong habits that support everyone.

At Behaviors, we’re not focused on profits. We’re more interested in providing the therapy, skills training, and life experiences your child needs to learn and become his or her best self.

Behaviors works hard to provide a place that feels like home

Whether we’re working in your home, at school, or at our NYC facilities, we provide a comfortable, calm, and caring environment that encourages your child to achieve his or her best. Not only will your child thrive in these best environments, but they will learn to feel calm and competent in others as well.

See what our happy parents have to say


My name is Susana Montes. I am a parent, an advocate, and a client. I have known Daniela for over three years. I was very impressed by her as soon as I met her. She immediately connected with me and wanted to get to know my child to be able to work well with him. She listens carefully to my concerns, and questions. She is always fully present during our conversations. My child has made great progress thanks to her. She works very well, and respectfully with my child, and myself. Her interactions with my child, other children, parents, and professionals are truly remarkable and very enriching. I have continued to refer parents, and children to her because I know they will be in great hands. Daniela is very caring, genuine, reliable, and very happy person. I would like to recommend her, and her company/services. I am very confident families will be as happy as I am with Daniela. Thank you.

Susana Montes
Parent/Parent Advocate


Daniela worked with my daughter for over four years. She did 1:1 ABA with my daughter and was instrumental in teaching critical life skills. Daniela is extremely knowledgeable in Applied Behavioral Analysis. My daughter instantly connected with Daniela and made significant progress when she worked with her. Daniela is creative and often thinks out of the box. She always had new ideas and was extremely caring and professional. Daniela worked closely with my daughter in the community, at home and in her classroom. She is a leader and any child that has the opportunity to work with her will definitely benefit from her expertise.


Stephanie Testimonial

Our five-year-old son has Asperger’s. The social and vestibular limitations associated with this diagnosis, in his case, are compounded by an acute emotional imbalance and a range of triggers that are difficult to identify and more difficult to address.

Since his initial meeting with Daniela, he has attained a psychological platform from which he has been able to successfully begin kindergarten in a positive and balanced state of mind. There is no question that for the most part, this is a result of Daniela’s work. And working with Daniela is all about results. POSITIVE results.

Daniela’s rapport with our son was immediate from their initial meeting. It was clear that she was exceptionally warm and charismatic and highly experienced in working with behaviorally challenged children. More significant, however, was the behavior plan that she incorporated for us. She gave us systems that our child loves working with (checklists for daily routines, rewards/behavior charts, and other visual charts that help organize our child and us, as parents). We were skeptical if our child would comply with these new tools but, instead, he is THRIVING as a result.

Prior to meeting Daniela a few months prior to starting kindergarten, our son had no internal map or sense of organization, in spite of our varied efforts to create a sense of order for him. We felt that his behavior would not sustain him in any school – however specialized – and we needed help to prepare him.

Daniela worked with our son individually to facilitate his transition into a new school environment and routine. She also instructed us as parents, and even our caregiver, separately on how to implement verbal cues and tools for him.



Are You Concerned With Your Child’s Social Development?

Download your free copy of this handy guide to help you identify development goals and talk to your doctor about the autism spectrum disorder. Use the handy checklists to track developmental milestones and learn the steps you must take to find the best help for your child.

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