Are you looking for Telehealth ABA therapy for your child with Autism?

We help your child’s development by providing the best quality program through scientifically proven ABA practices. We use the latest HIPPA compliant technology to ensure your privacy is kept.

What initially impressed me about Behaviors is their willingness to want to listen to parents and take suggestions on potential goals and strategies. Every ABA therapist we have worked with from Behaviors is passionate about their work. They are invested in your child’s progress and celebrate the successes with you. The therapists are open minded, loving, responsible, punctual, and well trained. They become part of your family.

The Founder/Director Daniela Climaco, is smart and experienced. She specialized in autism at Columbia University. Helping children is not just a job, it is her life’s passion. Your child deserves more than just “good”. You will not be disappointed if you go with Behaviors. We will be forever grateful for what they have done to help my son and our family.



Concerned that your child may digress while schools are closed?

We can help! We design personalized educational programs that will keep your child learning and progressing during these hard times.

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