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The professional, compassionate team at Behaviors offers
you and your child specialized, cutting-edge ABA treatment.

1 to 1 In-Home ABA Therapy

At Behaviors, we carefully match your child with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and ABA therapist who oversees every aspect of your child’s treatment program. Your child gets one-on-one, direct ABA therapy in his or her own home. Treatment targets increasing adaptive skills and decreasing maladaptive behaviors.

Functional Behavior Assessments

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will assess your child on a variety of skills and behaviors. The BCBA uses a variety of techniques and strategies to identify the most important behaviors and social skills to include in your child’s individual treatment plan. The Functional Behavior Assessment focuses on your child’s attention, escape/avoidance, sensory, and other behaviors to help us understand “why” the behavior is occurring.

In-home, School, and Community Behavior
Intervention Plans

A comprehensive and well-rounded behavior intervention plan helps your child succeed in all environments: at home, in school, and out in the community. By targeting appropriate behaviors in each setting, you child will learn how to interact with others in different environments, each requiring its own set of skills.

Behavior Contracts

Behaviors’ therapists help your child manage his or her behavior through the use of behavior contracts. A behavior contract focuses on decreasing specific inappropriate behaviors through simple, positive-reinforcement intervention. Your child’s behavior contract, which includes both your child and your family, will detail the expectations of the intervention plan, making it a valuable planning and measuring tool.

Activities of Daily Life Skills Training

We help your child with all the activities of daily life such as eating, grooming, using the toilet, dressing, and other general hygiene skills. Your child will learn the necessary skills to complete these activities that support their daily functioning so they can participate in your family’s life and in society. A variety of skills training including visuals, modeling, reinforcement schedules, and compensatory methods will help make sure your child can perform daily tasks.

Communication and Language

Your child’s ABA therapist will determine what language deficits are due to speech impediments and what are due to behavioral issues. He or she will work with your child’s other healthcare professionals when necessary to create a language development therapy plan. This plan will help your child adequately and appropriately communicate his or her needs.

Social Skills and Peer Play
Skills Development

Play skills affect a variety of learning situations, which can result in your child not making social connections with others. Your child can learn important social skills through play such as cooperating, sharing, and taking turns. Part of social skills and peer play skills development includes learning social languages, building self-esteem, and forming friendships.

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