My name is Susana Montes. I am a parent, an advocate, and a client. I have known Daniela for over three years. I was very impressed by her as soon as I met her. She immediately connected with me and wanted to get to know my child to be able to work well with him. She listens carefully to my concerns, and questions. She is always fully present during our conversations. My child has made great progress thanks to her. She works very well, and respectfully with my child, and myself. Her interactions with my child, other children, parents, and professionals are truly remarkable and very enriching. I have continued to refer parents, and children to her because I know they will be in great hands. Daniela is very caring, genuine, reliable, and very happy person. I would like to recommend her, and her company/services. I am very confident families will be as happy as I am with Daniela. Thank you.

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